Learn about the Shakespeare and Company community.

Meeting Sylvia Beach for Tea

Patrick Gregory /

Editor's note: At the Shakespeare and Company Project, we try to match the names in Sylvia Beach's lending library records to the biographies of actual people. Over the last month, for example, we've discover…

The Literary Right Bank

Jesse McCarthy, Moacir P. de Sá Pereira /

F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Nathalie Sarraute. Archibald and Ada MacLeish. Explore the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

Shakespeare and Company: Top Ten Lists

Joshua Kotin, Rebecca Sutton Koeser /

What were the most popular books and authors at Shakespeare and Company?

The Shakespeare and Company Lending Library Cards in Context

Joshua Kotin, Rebecca Sutton Koeser /

What is the relationship between the lending library cards and the logbooks?

Becoming a Member of the Shakespeare and Company Lending Library

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Meet Sylvia Beach. Learn about the lending library's rules and rates. Borrow a book—but which one?

Representing Gender in the Shakespeare and Company Project

Nick Budak /

How—and why—do we represent the gender of lending library members?