Edgar Allan Poe
Volumes from at least two sets of Poe’s works circulated in the lending library: the 10-volume The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Putnam, 1902) and the 8-volume The Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Lippincott, 1906). On April 4, 1924, Mlle Valerio borrowed volume 10 (Miscellany) from The Complete Works, and on January 21, 1925, volumes 1 and 3 from an unspecified set. M. Rieder borrowed volumes 7 and 8 from an unspecified set. On May 1, 1926, Nathalie Sarraute borrowed Poe’s Tales. Anatole Rivoallan borrowed volume 5 (Poems) from the The Works. Emilienne Gosse borrowed volume 1 from an unspecific set. Natalie Walker borrowed volume 1 (Tales) from the The Works. Eric Culley borrowed an unspecified volume from an unspecified set. Jeanine (Delpech) Teissier borrowed volumes 2 and 4 (both Tales) from The Works. On October 18, 1938, Sarraute purchased Poe’s Tales. Bianca (Bienenfeld) Lamblin borrowed Poe’s Poems.
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