Isabel Belinda (Atkinson) Duncan / Mrs. Duncan
Membership Years
1924 – 1925
Belinda Duncan was married to Captain Alan Duncan. Her biographical entry in The Letters of Samuel Beckett, 1929–1940 (2009) reads: "Isabel Belinda Duncan (née Atkinson, 1893–1964), daughter of a prosperous Dublin china merchant, studied art and was a friend of painters Jack B. Yeats, Norah McGuinness, and Dolly Travers-Smith. Belinda Atkinson married Alan Duncan in 1924; they settled in Paris where their flat was a place of rendez-vous for many Irish exiles. The Duncans left France for Surrey in June 1940. After Alan Duncan’s death in 1943, Belinda Duncan worked in an aircraft factory. Following the war, she returned to Dublin. There she renewed her friendship with Beckett; both found the relative plenty of Ireland a sharp contrast to their war-time experiences. In 1945 Belinda Duncan married Brian Lunn (former husband of Alan Duncan’s sister Betty); after several years in England, they lived in Dublin from 1951."
Birth – Death
1893 – to1964

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